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Shadowpact #5

September 18, 2006

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: One Year Later

The Shadowpact return to the world – and see that it’s moved on without them.

Writer: Bill Willingham
Pencils: Steve Scott
Inks: Wayne Faucher
Colors: Mike Atiyeh
Letters: Pat Brosseau
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover Art: Steve Scott
Publisher: DC Comics

With issue five, Shadowpact has caught up with the rest of the DC Universe in its “One Year Later” status. While I enjoyed the opening story arc, I think that synching the series up with the rest of the DCU will make it a better read for the public at large, and that’s quite a good thing.

After being trapped in the Blood Dome for a few days (by their perceptions) and a year (to the outside world), the Shadowpact emerges to find that they’ve become martyrs to the public at large, but many of their friends and associates abandoned them for dead. Apartments are filled with other occupants, jobs are lost, and (horror of horrors) there’s a new boss at Nightmaster’s Oblivion Bar and Inn.

We also meet a new villain this issue, one that (I’m pretty sure) hasn’t shown up in the DC Universe before, but that has very strong ties to the world. We also get hints about the real threat this incarnation of the team was assembled to thwart. The concept is good and I’m interested in seeing where Willingham is going to go with it. This issue is full of his trademark wit. The writing is as sharp as ever, and the way perceptions of the Shadowpact have changed really makes for an interesting story.

Steve Scott does this issue’s art, and he does a great job. I’m still sorry that Willingham’s run was so short, but Scott’s a fine choice to fill his shoes. He’s got a pretty big cast, much larger than just the team, and he makes each character strong and distinctive.

I can understand that the first arc may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but hopefully they’ll give it another chance, because this issue goes a long way towards making the story more accessible for regular DC readers.

Rating: 8/10

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