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Sergio Aragonés Funnies #2

September 4, 2011

Title: A Somewhat Familiar Story and other (less familiar) stories

Writer: Sergio Aragonés
Sergio Aragonés
Tom Luth
Karen Bates
Cover Artist:
Sergio Aragonés
Bill Morrison
Bongo Comics

It’s another month, and three more short stories by comedic master Sergio Aragonés! First up, we get “A Somewhat Familiar Story.” In this wordless tale, a ship finds an island inhabited by strange natives who offer up a beautiful young woman to an enormous gorilla held behind a huge wooden gate. The story takes an unexpected twist at the end, though, making this King Kong knock-off a true Aragonés original.

Next is “My First Peso,” the tale of how Aragonés first got paid for his artwork. It’s a charming tale, the kind of thing that a lot of kids probably tell. I really like how Aragonés is working in some autobiography into this series, and especially how he’s able to make these stories funny, while still getting into some emotional content (such as when young Sergio has to admit to his mother he “found” a new toy).

The final story, though, “Kira and the Beauty Contest.” In this sci-fi yarn we meet Kira, a hideous young girl whose ugliness makes her an outcast throughout the galaxy… until she discovers the planet Earth. On this distant world, all the inhabitants look just like her, and Kira leaps at the chance to visit. But Aragonés again has a twist for us. I just loved this very unexpected story. It’s the sort of thing you would have seen in The Twilight Zone if it were a comedy.

The book is also packed with black-and-white one-page gags and two activity pages. Aragonés even draws one of the ads in the book, a Yoplait Go-Gurt piece on the last page. It was unexpected, and gave us a bonus comic strip that was just as funny as anything else in the issue. This book was just all kinds of fun.

Rating: 8/10

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