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Star Wars: Rebellion #16

September 6, 2008

Star Wars: Rebellion #16 (Dark Horse Comics/Lucas Books)
By Rob Williams, Dustin Weaver & Dan Scott

The third leg of the all-Star Wars “Vector” crossover concludes this issue. Ancient Jdei Knight Celeste Morne, trapped in suspended animation for thousands of years after being posessed by a Sith artifact, has been stranded on an isolated moon for the 20 years since Darth Vader woke her up. Now she faces a group of rebels, including a young Luke Skywalker, who has never met another Jedi besides the late Obi-Wan Kenobi. Celeste, driven mad by her isolation, attacks Luke, while the spirit of the Sith Karness Muur sees in Luke a potential new host… and if not him, his companion Princess Leia. Although the first section of “Vector” was kind of dull, the middle section in Dark Times and now this title have been much better. Celeste works well as a sympathetic character, even as she’s become a genuine threat to young Luke. Luke, meanwhile, is torn between fighting for his life and hoping to learn more of the Jedi from this mysterious woman. I’m anxious to see how the story will lead into the last four chapters in Star Wars: LegacyDustin Weaver‘s art is good, evoking the actors but still telling the story well, and Dan Scott gives us a nice cover. “Vector” started slowly, but it’s gotten better as the year progresses.
Rating: 3.5/5

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