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Opposite Forces (2005) #3

November 16, 2005

Quick Rating: Very Good

What can Marty and Alexis do with their powers?

Writer: Tom Bancroft
Pencils: Tom Bancroft
Inks: Cedric Hohnstadt
Colors: Josh Ray
Letters: Greg Hardin
Editor: Sean J. Jordan
Cover Art: Tom Bancroft
Publisher: Alias Enterprises/Funny Pages Press

I seem to fall more in love with this title each issue. Tom Bancroft has taken all of the conventions of superhero comics and poked fun at them, but in a loving fashion that’s as entertaining as anything on the market.

Marty and Alexis, the neighbors who accidentally absorbed all the powers of Captain Dynamo, were stunned last issue when Marty’s dog, Bopper, started talking. Their pets got something from the power transfer as well, it seems, and the new super-genius dog begins explaining what really happened to them. Meanwhile, stuck in a hospital, Captain Dynamo struggles to break out and get his powers back.

Bancroft has really created a great comic book here. In addition to telling a funny story, he’s made his characters far more than the caricatures one may have expected them to be at first glance. Marty’s got a huge crush on Alexis, but he doesn’t think she’s flawless, either, and isn’t even so intimidated that he won’t crack a joke or laugh at one at her expense. Alexis has begun her journey as sort of a stereotypical pretty girl, but this issue we do see that she has the qualities of a real hero, even if they’re sometimes misplaced. The characters are actually layered, actually real, and that sets this apart from a lot of the superhero parody comic books out there.

The artwork, again, is wonderful. Bancroft’s background in animation really shows through, as his panels look wonderfully fluid and his character’s “acting” – those small poses and facial expressions that make a comic book look real – are absolutely wonderful.

The issue ends with a major cliffhanger to lead into the final issue in this miniseries, but the “next issue” box refers to the end of the “first story arc” – which really gives me hope that Bancroft already has plans for the next story starring these characters. They deserve it.

Rating: 8/10

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