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Doctor Who Annual 2011

September 4, 2011

Title: Run, Doctor, Run

Writers: Joshua Hale Fialkov, Matthew Dow Smith, Dan McDaid, Tony Lee
Blair Shedd, Mitch Gerads, Dan McDaid, Josh Adams
Mitch Gerads, Kyle Latino, Deborah McCumiskey, Rachelle Rosenberg
Shawn Lee
Cover Artist:
Blair Shedd, Mitch Gerads, Dan McDaid, Josh Adams, Rachelle Rosenberg
Denton J. Tipton
IDW Publishing

Four new tales of the Eleventh Doctor await us in this hefty Doctor Who Annual 2011! I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who, of course, so it’s always fun to get this much of it in one chunk like this. First up we’ve got “Run, Doctor, Run,” a bizarre little tale where the Doctor lands on a world that fell out of M.C. Escher’s dreams. Gravity and physics seem to make up rules of their own on this planet, and the Doctor has to make up for his landing, where the TARDIS crushed one of the world’s weird inhabitants. In “Down to Earth,” the Doctor finds an alien hiding out in the countryside of England, which just isn’t the right place for him. The Doctor being who he is, though, he finds a different kind of solution to the alien’s presence.

“Tuesday” is the weakest story in the bunch – Rory has somehow become the King of England and his wife, Amy, is leading the revolution against him. In fairness, Dan McDaid’s story isn’t bad, but the artwork holds it back.

The final story is a prologue to the next arc in the ongoing series, “Your Destiny Awaits” by Tony Lee and Josh Adams. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory meet up with a new companion – Kevin, the talking robot dinosaur!

I just want to say that again: “Kevin, the talking robot dinosaur!”

Ah, goodness.

Anyway, Kevin (the talking robot dinosaur) heads off with our crew for a series of adventures, but he doesn’t quite fit in. He winds up with arrows in his hide, failing to blend in to the Los Angeles Police Department, and unable to pilot the TARDIS due to his stubby hands. What’s Kevin’s place in the universe? This… this is just wonderfully goofy and I loved reading it. And it makes me excited for the next regular issue of this series.

Rating: 7/10

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