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The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger-The Battle of Tull #3

August 28, 2011

Creative Director: Stephen King
Plot and Consultation:
Robin Furth
Peter David
Michael Lark
Stefano Gaudiano
Richard Isanove
Joe Sabino
Cover Artist:
Michael Lark & Richard Isanove
Ralph Macchio
Marvel Comics

Allie continues her story this issue, telling Roland of how the Man in black, Walter O’Dim, rose the weed-eating Nort from the dead, and left behind a key that will prove Allie’s undoing. Roland, afterwards, continues his search of the town, and finds the true enemy that Walter left in his wake. We’re really getting into the meat of The Gunslinger now, the first fateful confrontation that left marks on Roland’s soul and further darkened his long road to the Tower. This issue sets up things well, not just for the rest of this storyline, but for the far, far future of Roland’s story. The mystery of 19, Constant Readers know, is something that we will return to time and time again over the years. The cover is particularly strong on this point, showing Allie surrounded by the number, losing her mind with the knowledge that using the number will destroy her, but unable to resist the pull. Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano do solid work here, until we get to the threat at the end. At the risk of being just another nit-picking fanboy, the character isn’t at all what I envisioned while reading the book. Frankly, she’s not ugly enough. Oh, she’s thick, she’s angry, but she’s not particularly ugly, and that’s what I always saw when I closed my eyes and read. Still, this issue moves the story along and introduces a vital element in a good way. It works.

Rating: 7/10

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