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Mystery in Space (2006 Series) #5

January 25, 2007

Mystery in Space #5 (DC Comics)
By Jim Starlin, Shane Davis & Matt Banning

Captain Comet’s infiltration of the Eternal Light Corporation brings about a horrifying discovery about what keeps their little operation moving. While not as good as the reimagining of the Spectre in Tales of the Unexpected, this reimagining of Captain Comet (I refuse to drop the “Captain” as long as DC keeps using it on the cover) has breathed a lot of life into the character without sacrificing the elements that make him work. The “Weird” back-up story is far more satisfying than the back-up in the sister title, and has very close ties to the main title as well. The Weird seems to stumble into situations just after Captain Comet has left, and piecing their stories together makes the reading all the more satisfying. I hope DC has plans to resurrect more of their classic titles and, along with them, classic characters.

Rating: 7/10

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