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Veronica #204

August 28, 2011

Title: All That and a Bag of Chips (New Kids Off the Wall Part Six)

Writer: Alex Simmons
Dan Parent
Andrew Pepoy & Bob Smith
Digikore Studios
Jack Morelli
Cover Artist:
Rex W. Lindsey
Victor Gorelick
Archie Comics

In the final chapter of “New Kids Off The Wall,” we see…

…I… I’m sorry, I can’t do this. I’ve gotta say it. “All That and a Bag of Chips?” Really. That’s the title you go with. Whew.

Anyway, in the final chapter of “New Kids Off the Wall,” Veronica has been stunned to learn that one of the new kids at Riverdale High is in her own category of the wealthy elite. Veronica, being Veronica, decides to seek out the young moneybags and size up the competition for the top of Riverdale High School’s social pyramid. I liked this storyline all around, to be honest. The writers found a quick, plausible way to introduce several new characters into the world of Riverdale High School quickly, and they managed to make several of them stand out, with well-rounded and well thought-out personalities. This issue is a nice counterpoint to all of that, building on Veronica’s established personality to tell the sort of story that wouldn’t work with the likes of Archie, Jughead, or most of all, Betty. Veronica’s the only member of our cast to really be threatened by social competition in this way, and this gives us a totally different story than Betty facing off against one of the new kids for a job on the newspaper or the others competing for girls or in sports. This is a case where the competition, frankly, need only be in Veronica’s mind, and she’s the only one who fails to recognize that. It makes a solid story and gives her a chance to grow a little – at least as much as Archie characters ever do. After all, in this universe, we always come back to the status quo in the end.

Rating: 7/10

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