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I, Zombie #16

August 28, 2011

Title: Rising

Writer: Chris Roberson
Michael Allred
Laura Allred
Todd Klein
Cover Artist:
Michael Allred
Shelly Bond
DC Comics/Vertigo

Trapped underground, Gwen and Horatio find Scott where he was caught in a cave-in. Our group is now pursued by a much more traditional group of zombies than Gwen, the shambling, flesh-eating kind, and now it’s a fight for their lives… such as they are. As they fight their way out, Ellie and Amon discuss the nature of the universe, and the Dead Presidents join the fray. Although the zombie fighting stuff is fun (zombie fighting stuff is always fun), I think Amon’s description of the multiverse in this comic is perhaps what interests me the most. Chris Roberson has really crafted an intricate and engaging fantasy world, something that goes far beyond what appeared to be a simple updating of the Universal Monster tropes at first. As much fun as it would have been if it were just the Universal Monsters, the other layers make this book far more than it otherwise would have been. The book is packed with wild ideas, and nobody draws wild ideas better than Michael Allred. His depiction of the creatures is always cool, and I just love the battle scene. This is one of the most fun books Vertigo is publishing, but I think it’s one with the most potential, too.

Rating: 8/10

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