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Futurama Comics #45

October 2, 2009

Futurama Comics #45 (Bongo Comics)
By Patric M. Verrone & James Lloyd

Futurama Comics is one of those books that can be great one month and mediocre the next. After a couple of off issues, “Anthology of Interest II” is one of the best in quite some time. Professor Farnsworth has pulled out his “What If?” Machine yet again, and we’re treated to some really funny wish fulfillment fantasies from the Planet Express staff: Bender as president of Earth, Leela in love with Fry, and everybody turning into lobster-creatures like Zoidberg are all gems, although Hermes’ vision of a world in perfect order provides an excellent running gag. Verrone and Lloyd step up and provide a highly entertaining shot of Futurama.
Rating: 8/10

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