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X-Men (2010 Series) #16

August 28, 2011

Title: Betrayal in the Bermuda Triangle Part One

Writer: Victor Gishler
Jorge Molina
Guru EFX
Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist:
Jorge Molina
Nick Lowe
Marvel Comics

The Future Foundation is in the Bermuda Triangle on a scientific research trip, when they stumble upon a mysterious message left for Scott Summers and Magneto. The two teams get together to explore another dimension in the hopes of finding the woman who left the message… who happens to be one of Scott’s old flames.

After the last story arc, Victor Gishler has returned to do what this book was really about in the first place – connecting the X-Men to the greater Marvel Universe. The interaction with the Future Foundation is cool – Spider-Man and the Thing interact with Wolverine all the time these days, of course, but having Reed and Sue in the mix is interesting. Not quite as interesting as the Magneto/Dr. Doom interaction. Both legendary villains are now in an alliance of sorts with their longtime enemies, and Doom especially is uncomfortable about it. The friction makes for a very entertaining read. I’m kind of surprised that Marvel didn’t push the FF tie-in harder, though. Going by the cover, you’d think that Doom was the only guest-star in this issue.

Gishler also draws in a wider net of X-Men than he’s used in the past, with Dr. Nemesis and Pixie getting prime spots next to Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Wolverine. The rather diverse group of characters is fun, and we get a mix here that I doubt we’ve ever seen in comics before.

I really like Jorge Molina and Guru EFX’s work on this issue, particularly on Doom. The different art style on FF sometimes makes it hard to get a feel for Doom’s new look – seeing the white cloak against the silver armor here is particularly striking.

Very good issue, well worth reading.

Rating: 8/10

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