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Heroes For Hire (2007 Series) #13

September 11, 2007

Quick Rating: Below Average
Title: Incarceration (A World War Hulk tie-in)
Rating: T+

Captured by the Warbound – betrayed by Humbug!

Writer: Zeb Wells & Fred Van Lente
Pencils: Clay Mann & John Bosco
Inks: Terry Pallot
Colors: Brad Anderson
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Cover Art: Sana Takeda
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Well, here we are. The infamous “tentacle rape” cover of Heroes For Hire. Is it tacky? Is it tasteless? Maybe. But one thing’s for sure – they’d better be grateful for it, because without that cover, there’d be nothing about this issue interesting enough to talk about.

The Heroes For Hire (in a move so ludicrous that one of them even points it out) followed their member Humbug into the Hulk-occupied Manhattan, where Colleen evidently slew an infant and covered the team in its blood to help them evade detection. Somehow, the aliens took offense to this and now have the team captured. They spend virtually the entire issue debating what to do with them – with each other, with the treacherous Humbug, and the team debates what to do amongst each other. I’ve got no problem with a talking heads issue, provided the heads in question are interesting. These aren’t.

The characters here are lifeless, and the fact that even they recognize they’ve got no business being involved with the Hulk’s storyline doesn’t make this any better.

Fred Van Lente and John Bosco bring us a back-up story – essentially, a sort of initiation of the Scorpion pre-World War Hulk. It’s a decent enough little story, although it feels somewhat out of place, as the only link to the main title is that it co-stars Paladin (and not in such a fashion that it feels like his story or his book). The art on this one isn’t as good as the main title, though – a little too angular for my tastes.

This issue falls short pretty much all over.

Rating: 4/10

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