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Adventure Comics #527

August 22, 2011

Title: A Comet’s Tale

Writer: Paul Levitz
Geraldo Borges
Marlo Alquiza
John J. Hill
Cover Artist:
Eduardo Pansica, Eber Ferreira
Brian Cunningham
DC Comics

As the Legion Academy continues its training, Comet Queen shares her origin with Glorith. Where did she come from? Why isn’t this her first time at the Academy? And what’s her strange connection to Bouncing Boy?

Paul Levitz, once again, shows a real knack for coming up with intriguing characters. Comet Queen isn’t your usual Legionnaire by any stretch of the imagination. She’s one of these superheroes who comes from a culture that grew up with superheroes – the Legionnaires (particularly Bouncing Boy) were her childhood heroes, and the events that led up to her gaining her powers aren’t at all the sort of thing we see from most Legionnaires. Her motivations set her apart immediately, and what happened to put her back into the Academy immediately spins the story from somewhat comic to somewhat tragic in just a few panels.

Geraldo Borges does good work here on the future, running with the designs Phil Jimenez whipped up for these characters. I think he may be the first artist to really get across just how alien Comet Queen is – a non-human facial structure, a slightly different body type… other artists made it look like she was simply a human whose powers made her look the way she did. This issue makes it clear she was never human to begin with.

Very nice spotlight on a character who just got a lot more interesting.

Rating: 7/10

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