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Captain Britain and MI13 #5

September 16, 2008

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Hell Comes to Birmingham Prologue
Rating: T+

MI: 13’s newest operative is one sharp cookie…

Writer: Paul Cornell
Pencils: Pat Olliffe
Inks: Paul Neary
Colors: Brian Reber & Raul Trevino
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Editor: Nick Lowe
Publisher: Marvel Comics

With the Skrulls driven out of Britain, but a whole wave of magical threats unleashed, MI: 13 decides to expand its roster with two new recruits, beginning with the vampire hunter called Blade. Of course, one of his teammates is a vampire… that couldn’t cause any trouble, could it? The Black Knight, meanwhile, accompanies Faiza to her home to convince her parents to allow her to join the fight for Britain.

I’ve really got to hand it to Marvel – even though I’ve felt a lot of their flagship books have faltered lately, their ancillary titles have really gotten consistently better. Incredible Hercules, Avengers: The Initiative, Guardians of the Galaxy, and now this. Captain Britain and MI13 is the sort of thing the last two Excalibur attempts should have been – a fun fantasy adventure draped in superhero trappings. The only difference is that this version throws in a hearty dose of spy drama as well, and you know what? It works. The chemistry between all the characters is good, Faiza is a unique and appreciated addition to the team, and Blade? Well, he’s not someone I would have expected to see here, but Marvel clearly wants him to stay in the public eye (three movies and a TV show, y’know), but since his solo titles never seem to last, maybe putting him in a team book is just the right move.

Pat Olliffe is an artist I always like, although I usually feel his style works better on younger heroes, like Spider-Girl or the old Untold Tales of Spider-Man series, but maybe that’s because I first noticed him on the latter. Still, his work here is just fine, especially on Spitfire, and he delivers a doozy of a last page.

I’m enjoying this book a heck of a lot. I hope it sticks around. [2011 note: It didn’t.]

Rating: 8/10

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