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Hack/Slash (2007 Series) #7

March 2, 2008

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Tub Club Part Three
Rating: MR

The queen of the “Tub Club” makes her big move!

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art: Rebekah Isaacs
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Crank!
Design: Sean K. Dove
Editor: Mike O’Sullivan
Cover Art: Tim Seeley & Wes Dzioba (Cover A); Emily Stone (Cover B)
Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing

The “Tub Club” storyline reaches a rousing conclusion this issue (pun intended). Cassie has managed to track down one of the girls involved in the bizarre blood cult that has resulted in a brutal killing on the campus of Franco-Belle University. Cassie winds up joining a fairly impressive strike force in hunting down the demonic enemy that has headed up the “Tub Club,” intending nothing more than to use the girls to further her own power.

This is what I love to see out of Hack/Slash – a great horror movie put to film. While the book still keeps the flavor of the sort of goofy slasher flicks that served as its inspiration, this story (for all its T&A) has been far more vicious than your typical slasher movie these days. The parent genre has become engulfed in self-parody. Hack/Slash is bringing it back to its roots.

Rebekah Isaacs’s artwork really is the perfect compliment to Tim Seeley’s story. She handles all the requisite horror movie elements with aplomb – the monsters, the gore, the shapely young females… all of it. Seeley himself contributes one of this issue’s two covers, and while both are good, I think I prefer his to Emily Stone’s, which is a nice image of Cassie and Georgia in a sort of yin-yang pose. Seeley’s cover has more energy to it, though, more of a sense of menace, and that really works well for this book.

Another fine issue, with a nice, bittersweet ending. I continue to love this book.

Rating: 8/10

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