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Thundercats: Enemy’s Pride #1

May 29, 2004

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Lie of the Beholder

An attack by the mutants forces Lion-O into making some tough choices for the future of the Thundercats.

Writer: John Layman
Art: John Vriens & Roberto Campus of Udon Studios
Letters: Rob Leigh
Editor: Alex Sinclair
Cover Art: Joe Vriens & Roberto Campus
Publisher: DC Comics/Wildstorm

Mumm-Ra’s mutant allies attack the Thundercats, leaving a dazed Lion-O angry and acting not at all like himself. Wileykit and Wileykat overhear him making some disturbing statements, and a proclamation and demonstration of his prowess do nothing to quell their fears.

The basic situation in this title doesn’t present much mystery at all. The question isn’t really why Lion-O is suddenly no longer acting like himself, it’s which of the at least three clichéd excuses for his transformation Layman will prove to have gone with by the time the miniseries is over. The situations that this basic problem creates are a bit better – the idea of the Thundercats deciding to bolster their defenses is a good one, and one that actually is probably long overdue.

The story also begins way too abruptly, in the middle of a fight scene that left me flipping back to the cover to be sure I was, in fact, reading a first issue. It’s like Layman lost the first several pages of the script.

Vriens and Campus’s artwork is pretty good. They handle the characters well, although they are a bit blocky at times, and for the most part the Udon coloring team does a good job with a slew of characters with unrealistic fleshtones.

The main problems aren’t really with the comic but with the franchise itself. The Thundercats haven’t aged as well as some other 80s revivals like G.I. Joe and the TransFormers, and it’s hard to get particularly exited over even a well-done story with them. Fans of the property will probably enjoy this much more than I will.

Rating: 7/10

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