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Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders #2

August 2, 2011

Title: Finality, Hall Pass, A Piece of Work

Writer: Brandon Jerwa, Bill Maus, Steven L. Frank
Remy Mokhtar, Bill Maus, David Namisato
Mick Collins, Kathleen Lawday, Jeff Balke
Bill Maus
Cover Artist:
Daniel Campos, Joe Pekar, Pasquale Qualano, Ben Tan, Mark Slater
Steven L. Frank
Moonstone Publishing

Despite a fun, goofy premise, the first issue of this series was kind of a letdown. Issue two, I’m glad to say, is a considerable improvement right off the bat, taking an anthology approach and telling some really weird, different stories, beginning with “Finality.” In the distant future, with the world divided up into different monster factions, the last zombie and last cheerleader agree to go into space together to prevent the end of the world. Results are… predictable, but Brandon Jerwa tosses in a funny twist regarding other monster types that leads to a promising conclusion.

In the second story, “Hall Pass,” a cheerleader finds herself getting stood up by her boyfriend, only to find that he’s been turned into a zombie. Despite his transformation, though, some of his baser instincts remain, and cheesecake ensues with a nice sprinkling of gore to help along the way.

The final story, “A Piece of Work,” is undeniably the most disturbing in the book, featuring a girl who is tormented by her school cheerleaders and goes for a bloody revenge when she becomes a vampire. Unusually, this is a story where the real villain doesn’t get any sort of comeuppance. In fact, she’s hailed at the end. It’s almost like the inverse of an old EC Comics morality tale, where bad people always got punished in the end.

If Moonstone intends to continue with this property, the anthology format seems to be the way to go. It offers more, different kinds of stories, and it’s fun to boot.

Rating: 7/10

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