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Betty and Veronica Double Digest #180

May 8, 2010

Betty and Veronica Double Digest #180 (Archie Comics)
By Melanie J. Morgan & Rod Whigham

In the latest Archie “New Look” story, springtime has hit Riverdale High School and the town’s top athletes are lining up to try out for the spring sports. Things are thrown into chaos, though, when Betty decides to try out for the baseball team instead of the softball team. Very few people are supportive — her former softball teammates feel like she’s abandoning them and the baseball players are threatened by a girl wanting to march on to their team. Morgan has written a lot of these “New Look” stories, and she’s got a pretty good handle on how to do them. She comes up with a story that wouldn’t be too out of place in a traditional Archie comic, finds a way to make the story last a bit longer, and makes the dialogue skew just a tad older. Whigham‘s art works well — the characters look like themselves, albiet a tad more realistic. Like all Archie digests, the rest of the book is taken up with assorted reprints of varying quality, mostly Betty and Veronica, but with a Katy Keene and Cheryl Blossom story thrown in for good measure. It’s a decent mix, and a pretty good New Look tale.
Rating: 7/10

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