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Hulk and Power Pack #4

June 8, 2007

Hulk and Power Pack #4 (Marvel Comics)
By Marc Sumerak & David Williams with Chris Giarrusso

The Hulk has been accused of a rampage, but Power Pack has discovered the real culprit is his old foe, the Abomination. Hulk has the Pack on his side… but every other superhero in New York is ready to try to take him down. I’ve been on board for this incarnation of Power Pack ever since Marvel relaunched it as a series of miniseries a few years ago, and this is hands-down the most ambitious issue yet. Sumerak does a good job of balancing a pretty massive fight scene, and still really making it about the kids in the end. The book has a great Mini-Marvels back-up story by Chris Giarrusso featuring the Hulk on his first date with Betty Ross. Lines like “Arrow Man not Billy Cosby” nearly made me roll off the couch laughing. There have to be enough Mini-Marvels stories done to put out another special, Marvel — c’mon, give us the goods.

Rating: 8/10

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