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Somebody’s First Comic Book: Emissary #1

Wondering what Somebody’s First Comic Book is all about? The explanation is on this page!

TITLE: Revelations 1:4

Writer: Jason Rand
Juan Perreyra
Clayton Brown
Bo Dukeshire
Angel Marin
Kristen Simon
Jim Valentino
Cover Artist:
Juan Perreyra
Image Comics/Shadowline

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: None. The cover looks like a bald giant is about to grab the Earth. Alternatively, a regular-sized bald man has shrunk the Earth to the size of a softball. I’m rather interested to see which one it is.

IMPRESSIONS: Neither, apparently. Emissary is an interesting little story that seems to follow multiple people’s reaction to a singular event: the appearance of a man in New York City that can evidently ignore the laws of gravity. Before his appearance we’re introduced to tw groups of people: a couple of people (they appear to be law-enforcement agents of some kind) whose hunt for a guy named Carson is interrupted as one of them struggles to deal with her divorce; and a reporter butting heads with his editor over whether he should pursue a “penny-ante mob story” or a juicier story that could bring down a senator. After this man floats into the air above New York, we watch an Air Force Captain angry over what she believes to be her marginalization in the department, even as jets scramble to track down this creature that has come to “bring you to enlightenment.”

The first issue ends on something of a cliffhanger, with our various cast members all staring up into the sky as the Emissary (as he calls himself) pulls off a very impressive display of power. We’re left not knowing who he is or why he’s there, is he there as a hero or a villain, anything at all really. I suppose that actually makes it a very good entry point for a new reader. And Jason Rand has done a very good job of making you curious. It’s a good starting point, and I wouldn’t mind reading the rest of it.


  1. August 15, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    Excellent concept, weak execution. It was supposed to be a 12 issue maxi-series, but was canceled after #5. There was a switch in writers from #3 to #4, and I don’t think either one of the really knew what they were doing.

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