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Tiny Titans #42

August 1, 2011

Title: Young Bizarros in Love

Writers: Art Baltazar & Franco
Art Baltazar
Kristy Quinn          
DC Comics/Johnny DC

Supergirl’s imperfect duplicate Bizarrogirl has come to Earth. This being Tiny Titans, though, rather than coming to blows, Supergirl invites her to a pancake breakfast. Also there is Superboy’s duplicate, Match… and it’s love at first sight. Now in the real DC Universe, this would invite all kinds of uncomfortable, squicky questions about genetics, cloning, and Bizarros, but in the world of Tiny Titans we just move right on to Beast Boy’s fruitless pursuit of Terra. It’s an all-love issue, and it’s really funny. Art Baltazar and Franco have really mastered the light, gentle comedy of this title, creating something that’s got enough wit and cleverness to appeal to the adults, while still maintaining its entertainment value for the intended audience of much younger readers. This is one of the strangest spotlights they’ve done yet, and they sell it really well. This is the best comic being published for the beginning reader, and if you’ve got a kid that’s trying to learn (and that you’d like to get into comics) you need to swarm on it right now.

Rating: 8/10

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