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Elric: The Balance Lost Free Comic Book Day Edition

August 2, 2011

Title: The Balance Lost

Writer: Chris Roberson
Francesco Biagini
Stephen Downer
Travis Lanham
Cover Artist:
Erik Jones
Matt Gagnon
Boom! Studios

I’ve heard of Michael Moorcock’s Elric over the years, but I haven’t had too much exposure to him, either in comics or in novels. When this issue was released on Free Comic Book Day, I very much wanted to give it a chance, since the concepts I’d heard intrigued me. And there is some intriguing stuff here. We’re introduced to Elric, the warrior and possessor of Stormbringer. The cursed sword seems to drive him, drinking in the death of his enemies to propel him forward. It’s well-done, I can tell this, but the sword-and-sorcery genre simply isn’t one that really appeals strongly to me. I’m more interested in the multiverse stuff, which this issue does introduce in a few intriguing full-page spreads. The way that we see it, though, I get the impression that the multiverse elements are here more as a bone to throw to longtime fans, and not necessarily something that will be followed up on in the regular Balance Lost series. Still, Roberson is a very strong writer, and I’m impressed by Francesco Biagini’s artwork. While I don’t really feel compelled to read this series, I may take another look when the collected edition is released.

Rating: 7/10

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