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Futurama Comics #43

May 29, 2009

Futurama Comics #43 (Bongo Comics)
By Ian Boothby & John Delaney

After a couple of weak issues, Futurama Comics really bounces back this month with one of the better issues of the series.Some banking issues sends Fry looking for a second job. After a few highly amusing flops (complete with highly amusing cameo guests) he settles on a job as an in-dream salesman. His sales wind up showing him a hidden desire of Leela’s, and Fry being the sweet guy that he is, tries to bring it to fruition. This really feels like a plot that could have been done on the TV show. The characterization is solid, and the gags hit pretty quickly. Lots of sight gags, lots of verbal jokes, and they all work well together. I was getting nervous about this series, to be frank, but with this issue it appears to be bouncing back.
Rating: 8/10

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