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Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #2

July 21, 2011

Title: Emperor Aquaman Part Two                           

Writer: Tony Bedard
Vicente Cifuentes
Diana Egea & Vicente Cifuentes
Kyle Ritter
Jared K. Fletcher
Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes
Eddie Berganza    
DC Comics

With the isle of Britain thrust into the sky to be used as an Amazon fortress, Aquaman gathers Siren and Ocean Master to plan for an attack. This issue lays out much more of the Flashpoint universe, really helping to connect the dots. We see how Terra and Geo-Force became pawns in the Atlantis/Amazon war, how Mera’s death changed Arthur, and how Arthur’s own origin was twisted around in this universe. More and more, the theory that this world isn’t simply the result of Professor Zoom’s vendetta against Barry Allen is gaining ground, as each of the core Justice League members seems to have been targeted. This issue also helps to establish more of the timeline of this world, which seems to coincide with comments that the “New 52” will feature younger versions of the characters. We already know from Project: Superman that Kal-El crashed to Earth 28 years ago, and from the core miniseries we learn that Martha Wayne was pregnant with Bruce at the time (Superman and Batman are both just 28 in this world?), while this issue establishes Aquaman at about 25 years of age. It’s strange to think of these classic heroes as being younger than me, frankly, but at least in terms of the Flashpoint world, it’s working. Vicente Cifuentes is a great choice for the artwork, doing nice stuff underwater. Again, Kyle Ritter steps up, using his different color palettes not only to differentiate between the underwater and surface scenes, but other colors entirely for the flashbacks to Aquaman’s origin. It’s a nice package that entertains and pushes the world forward.

Rating: 7/10

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