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Marksmen #1

August 1, 2011                                                

Creator: Michael Benaroya
David Baxter & Dave Elliott
Javier Aranda
Garry Leach
Jessica Kholinne of Imaginary Friends Studios
Cover Art:
Tomm Coker
Dave Elliott            
Image Comics/Benaroya Publishing

Good for Image Comics – they’re taking advantage of a policy of mine that far too few publishers exercise. I call the policy “If You Price Your Comic Book at a Dollar Or Less, I Will At Least Buy One Issue.” It’s kind of wordy for the name of a policy, but there’s really no room for ambiguity there.

Anyway, the one-dollar debut of Marksmen recently gave me the chance to exercise it. Following the collapse of the United States after a “massive recession,” a civil war has plunged what’s left of the country into chaos and devestation. In this unspecified future, New San Diego was rebuilt by a group of Navy Seals, whose descendants – the Marksmen — protect their city from the horrors of the rest of the continent.

As a concept, the book has promise. The whole “following a massive recession” bit may be a little on-the-nose, but the idea of one last bastion of civility in a wasteland is one that has promise. Sadly, the execution is lacking. The script is dull, the characters are totally unmemorable, and the revelation about “Lone Star” is even more on-the-nose than the concept. The artwork isn’t bad – Javier Aranda and Garry Leach can tell a story visually – but it isn’t enough to make me care about the rest of the book. Points to the crew for trying to do something different, but it’s just not different enough.

Rating: 4/10

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