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The Web (2009 Series) #2

October 30, 2009

The Web #2 (DC Comics)
By Angela Robinson, Roger Robinson, John Rozum, Tom Derenick & Stanley Lau

As the man who murdered his brother slips through his grasp, John Raymond begins to look for ways to be a more effective superhero. If one web is good, he reasons, wouldn’t more be better? As he begins plans to be the first superhero to outsource, Dr. Archer’s trail suddenly gets hot again. I’m really enjoying the Web so far. At first blush, he looks like a bit of a superficial hero in the early “Booster Gold” mode, but he’s evolved pretty quickly into his own character, very different from Booster or the previous incarnations of the Web. The changes really work here, making the character more distinct and interesting really for the first time. The Hangman co-feature, despite some wonderful art by Tom Derenick, isn’t winning me over as much. I liked the one-shot that kicked off the Red Circle line, but so far his solo adventures just aren’t clicking, despite the promise of a past with members of the Justice Society. I’d like to see that facet explored, but right now he kind of feels like he’s going through the motions.
Rating: 8/10

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