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Son of Vulcan (2005 Series) #1

May 27, 2005

Quick Rating: Great
Title: Line of Fire

Vulcan takes on Floronic Man – and may have found a new sidekick.

Writer: Scott Beatty
Art: Keron Grant
Colors: Danimation
Letters: Nick J. Napolitano
Editor: Tom Palmer, Jr.
Cover Art: Keron Grant
Publisher: DC Comics

This is why I love doing the DC advance reviews for this site. Every so often, a book I never would have picked up in a million years falls into my lap and turns out to be a real gem, and that’s certainly the case with Son of Vulcan.

Our story begins when the old villain Floronic Man again goes on a tear, this time in the town of Charlton’s Point. The armored hero Vulcan takes to the streets to bring him down, only to find a possible apprentice in a spirited young man named Miguel Devante who throws himself into the fray. It’s Miguel who’s our real hero here – he seems to be a decent kid hoping to make the most of his life. He’s looking for a job, coping with living in a brutal foster home and having no parents… and then suddenly a big, bold superhero tells him he sees something in him, something that could someday make him a hero as well.

Scott Beatty has done a really nice job of updating this old and mostly forgotten property from the old Charlton Comics (how many of you caught that?), and while the climax of this first issue is a little predictable, the characters are likeable and engaging enough for you to want to see what’s going to happen next.

Keron Grant’s artwork is very well suited for this title. It’s your basic sci-fi superhero, and with the addition of Danimation’s artwork they make a beautiful comic book. The artwork is admittedly quite Manga-inspired, and in fact reminds me quite a bit of the work of Humberto Ramos, which always works very well on younger superheroes.

The only thing I’d worry about with this title is that, not featuring an all-star creator or character, it may fall under the radar. Too many really good DC Comics have died a premature death in the past year – H-E-R-O, The Monolith, Bloodhound – don’t let this book be another casualty. If you like classic superheroes, great art and just a dash of teen angst, grab a copy of this book when it hits the stands on Wednesday.

Rating: 9/10

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