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Life With Archie (2010 Series) #11

August 1, 2011

Title: A Victim of Circumstantial & No More Mr. Nice Guy

Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Norm Breyfogle
Al Milgrom & Bob Smith
Glenn Whitmore         
Janice Chiang
Archie Comics

The Trial of Reggie Mantle continues! In the world where Archie married Veronica, Reggie’s lawyer is starting to poke holes in the case of the former Mayor who has accused Reggie of bribing him. Meanwhile, Jughead and Midge’s relationship is on the outs, Ethel’s new boyfriend isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, and an old friend is keeping an eye out for our heroes. On the flipside, we’ve got the world where Archie married Betty, became the new music teacher at Riverdale High School, and quickly learned the lesson that he can’t be too friendly with the students. Unfortunately, Archie seems to have gone too far in the other direction, turning into a disciplinarian so strict that he’s liable to lose the students altogether.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, some of my favorite moments in this series involve Archie and Betty’s adventures as teachers. This is something I can relate to really well, far more even than their high school adventures back when I was in high school. While the classic Archie stories are typically cartoony in their nature, Paul Kupperberg has done a remarkable job of applying real-world issues and situations to these characters, allowing them to grow up and face the difficulties of adulthood while still remaining true to themselves. This is true of both stories, although the situations of the main characters are very different in each world. My main problem – the face that the Jughead/Midge storyline is far too similar in both worlds – continues to be a factor, but it’s great to see that a missing friend hasn’t been forgotten, and hopefully will feature into a larger story soon.

Norm Breyfogle has really shone on this series, proving his versatility by drawing some of the most visually engaging Archie comics ever. This book has been great, and I’m happy to see it doing so well.

Rating: 8/10

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