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Truth, Justin, and the American Way #3

June 30, 2006

Quick Rating: Very Good

Justin has to go back to work – trapped in the super-suit – and McGee gets a partner…

Writers: Scott Kurtz & Aaron Williams
Art: Giuseppe Ferrario
Cover Art: Giuseppe Ferrario
Publisher: Image Comics

Just when you thought Kurtz and Williams couldn’t get any deeper into the 80s parodies, here comes Truth, Justin and the American Way #3. Justin, still stuck in his alien super-suit, has to go back to work while placating his fiancé in the brief time left before the wedding. Meanwhile, Agent McGee returns to headquarters to find a new partner waiting for him… a rebuilt super-solider type who just happened to cost a veeeeery specific amount of money…

This issue the comic crosses the line from gentle homage to outright parody. McGee’s new partner is just the start – there’s a cute Last Starfighter joke and a good dozen cameos from names and faces plucked shamelessly from 80s sitcoms and movies. The heavier parody slightly disrupts the flow of the story – every so often you find yourself looking at a panel and thinking, “Is that who I think it is?” – and pulls you out, but as the parody is a large part of what makes this comic work, that’s entirely understandable.

Ferrario’s artwork gets better every issue. He’s overcome the slight problem with backgrounds standing out from the rest of the artwork, although he still manages to work in some photorealistic elements (some computer screens, for example, and an arcade full of vintage 80s video games). He deserves credit for the aforementioned cameos as well – it’s his artwork, after all, that will have you staring at one of your favorite sitcom characters or an ex-teen heartthrob appearing out of nowhere.

This comic is exactly what it’s intended to be – a lot of fun, and some fine work from all involved.

Rating: 8/10

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