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Pep Comics Featuring Betty and Veronica #1

July 21, 2011

Title: You’ve Been Clubbed!

Writer: Dan Parent
Dan Parent
Jim Amash
Digikore Studios
Patrick Owsley
Dan Parent
Victor Gorelick     
Archie Comics

This year’s Free Comic Book Day offering from Archie Comics was this simple, charming story featuring the gang reminiscing about their old clubhouse days as children. The now-teen members of “The Archie Club” decide to start something for today’s kids of Riverdale, but Veronica’s temper gets the better of her and she shuffles off to form her own club.

From this point on, the story follows the predictable Archie pattern. Veronica and the girls’ club seems to work at cross-purposes to Club Archie, and a valuable lesson must be learned. While not really anything particularly groundbreaking, it does get across a good message, and it does it in a way that’s perfectly consistent with the characters. Veronica is tailor-made for stories like this one, where someone’s ego gets in the way and requires a bit of a comeuppance. But this being Archie, most of the time it’s more important that she sees the error of her ways, and the comeuppance isn’t too harsh.

Dan Parent seems to be the go-to guy at Archie these days, leading the way in new ideas. New initiatives, and new directions for the characters. While I’m not opposed to any of that, it’s nice to see him doing a simpler story once in a while, something that just deals with a classic feel and idea that would be suitable for the characters in just about any age. This is old-fashioned Archie, and if you’re a fan of that, then this book is for you.

Rating: 7/10

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