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I, Zombie #15

July 13, 2011

Title: Going Down

Writer: Chris Roberson
Michael Allred
Laura Allred
Todd Klein
Michael Allred
Shelly Bond           
DC Comics/Vertigo

Horacio, the monster-hunter, is descending into the Earth to find Gwen’s missing friend Scott. Horacio isn’t aware, of course, that Gwen herself is a vampire, or that Scott is a were-terrier, and often goes by the appellation “Spot.” As the two of them do battle with a mob of zombies of the non-intelligent variety, up on the surface Ellie clues Amon in on the tunnels beneath the graveyard, and Scott’s grandfather (a ghost living in the body of a chimpanzee, duh) decides to set out and save the lad himself. I can’t think of a comic book more indicative of what Vertigo is today than I, Zombie. Chris Roberson and Mike Allred seem to have taken every weird, crazy, bizarre idea they’ve ever had about the classic Universal Pictures-style monsters, thrown them into a blender, and come up with a book that’s fresh, exciting, and frequently hilarious. Gwen’s efforts to hide her zombism from Horacio don’t really smack of similar stories that we’ve seen in other comics and TV shows. The dynamic is different, because Gwen has really stood out and become her own character instead of a clone of anybody else. Amping up the weirdness is the back-up story, The Dead Presidents, which continues this issue. Like the main story, this is a concept full of goofy, lovely weirdness that touches on lots of different monster tropes all at once. These guys love what they’re doing, and they’ve turned out a comic that is easy to love in turn.

Rating: 8/10

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