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Young Avengers Presents #2

February 26, 2008

Quick Rating: Average
Title: Young Avengers Presents Hulkling
Rating: T+

Hulkling seeks out his father – the back-from-the-dead Captain Marvel.

Writer: Brian Reed
Art: Harvey Tolibao
Colors: Jay David Ramos
Letters: Cory Petit
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Cover Art: Jim Cheung
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Stunned by the news that Captain Marvel has returned from the dead, Hulkling seeks out the man he believes to be his father for a little heart-to-heart.

This miniseries is really perplexing to me. Like last issue, this issue isn’t really about the Young Avenger in the spotlight, but rather just a chance to show his reaction to current events in the life of his father/mentor/model. It doesn’t really advance or shed new light on this character – in fact, it would probably fit better as an addendum to the Captain Marvel series than a Young Avengers book. It’s kind of dull, and although there is a little promise about exploring the potential relationship between the two characters, that potential is pretty much shattered by the end.

Harvey Tolibao does some decent artwork here, and Jay David Ramos’s colors are great. The book is nice and vibrant, and dressing Teddy in Captain Marvel’s colors in his human form is a nice touch.

Overall, though, this book fits in with just about everything else in Captain Marvel’s “resurrection” thus far – dull and meaningless.

Rating: 5/10

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