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The Phantom (2003) #17

July 13, 2007

The Phantom #17 (Moonstone Publishing)
By Mike Bullock & Silvestre Szilagyi

In the nation of Uganda, a brutal dictator is kidnapping children, torturing them, and brainwashing them to an indoctrination that makes them worship HIM as a god. And that isn’t just the story of this comic, folks, that’s the truth. I’m not usually a fan of real-world politics leaking into comic books, but this is the sort of story where it works. For one thing, Uganda is part of the Phantom’s usual African stomping grounds, so it makes perfect sense for him to address the issue of these “Invisible Children.” For another, this is a more clear-cut sort of issue than the divisive politics that usually make it into politics — the Middle East can be debated to death, but there can be little doubt most thinking people would condemn these actions. And third, this is a comic that puts its money where its mouth is. For every purchase of one of the “B” covers of this and the next two issues, Moonstone will make a donation to an organization dedicated to ending this travesty. Add on the fact that it’s your usual great story by Mike Bullock, and there’s more reason than ever to check out The Phantom this month.

Rating: 8/10

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