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Flashpoint #3

July 11, 2011

Title: Flashpoint Chapter Three

Writer: Geoff Johns
Andy Kubert
Sandra Hope
Alex Sinclair
Nick J. Napolitano
Andy Kubert
Eddie Berganza    
DC Comics

In the first two issues of Flashpoint we saw Barry Allen get perplexed at the way the world has changed around him, and we followed him as he encountered this universe’s Batman, Thomas Wayne. We even saw him attempt to restore his own missing superpowers in an experiment that could prove deadly. This issue, despite his injuries, the experiment continues. He needs his power back, he and Batman need allies, and he knows the most important one in the world is the man who, in our world, is called Superman.

The first two issues were a lot of setup, but now that this is mostly done with, this third issue has kicked things into gear. Barry and Thomas’s quest (now with 100 percent more Cyborg) has led to a really interesting place, picking up from the Flashpoint: Project Superman miniseries and not only exploring this world, but using it in a way that we haven’t seen before. It’s not just the history of this world that has changed, but the rules are different as well. Barry is forced to work with a different kind of Batman with a different kind of morality. It’s not something that the heroes of the DCU will always be comfortable with, nor is it something that’s entirely wrong. The world is also expanded further by bringing in more characters that we haven’t seen in Flashpoint or the DC Universe before, which is pretty cool in and of itself.

Andy Kubert is telling a solid story and doing some very cool redesigns. The depiction of Kal-El in this world is so different from anything we’re used to – he doesn’t look anything at all like our hero from the neck-down. But the strength of the art shows in the face. Clearly this is our Kal-El, clearly it’s the same man, but something has happened to him. It’s a great artist that can do that in a series where our Superman hasn’t even appeared.

Very good issue. This story is just getting better.

Rating: 8/10

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