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Sigil (2011 Series) #4

July 20, 2011

Writer: Mike Carey
Leonard Kirk
Ed Tadeo
Guru EFX
Rob Steen
Jelena Djurdjevic
Nick Lowe              
Marvel Comics/CrossGen

Samantha Rey and the crew of the El Cazador are racing against the fearsome Captain October, hoping to find an artifact of incredible power that Sam’s mother hid there when she was young. This issue, Sam gets her hands on the mysterious box and decides to take it one place October can’t get to it – through time. I’m really glad to see that Mike Carey took this particular tack with Sam. Giving a character with the ability to travel through time is kind of a big deal, and there are a lot of logical applications that some writers ignore. He seems to be embracing them and, in fact, using the time-travel nature of this series to its advantage. In fact, by the end, time seems to be of the utmost importance. Mixing in those sci-fi elements with the classic pirate setting makes for an interesting contrast, but one that’s really a lot of fun. There’s clearly a pretty large, thought-out backstory here, and while this is the end of this miniseries, we can only hope that it’s done well enough to justify returning to the world of Sigil in the future. Leonard Kirk finishes off this title with great skill, getting to play around in multiple time periods with his artwork, which seems to be a lot of fun for the artist. Overall, this miniseries really was a lot of fun, very exciting, and something I want to see come back in the near future.

Rating: 7/10

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