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Return of the Gremlins #3

May 16, 2008

Return of the Gremlins #3 (Dark Horse Comics)
By Mike Richardson, Fabio Laguna, Vivie Risto & Walt Kelly

In the world of Disney Comics, the Gremlins have been more or less AWOL since World War II. In this miniseries, the grandson of the airman who befriended them in those old strips is now fighting to save their home from a ruthless land developer who’s out to destroy their forest. The writing is strong, and the artwork is impeccable, but the climax of this storyline fell a bit too far into the realm of cliche for my taste. It was funny, there were tons of sight gags and a lot of nice character beats, but no real surprises, and that hurt the rating. It was nice to see some of the classic strips, however, and while none of them were necessarily laugh-out-loud funny, they weren’t bad. I do like these characters, and I hope that if these little guys come back again, they find a slightly more original storyline in which to showcase them.
Rating: 7/10

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