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Flashpoint: Grodd of War #1

June 30, 2011

Title: Grodd of War

Writer: Sean Ryan
Ig Guara
Ruy Jose
Stefani Rennee
Carlos M. Mangual
Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Joey Cavalieri        
DC Comics

I actually passed up this book when it was released a few weeks ago. There are a hell of a lot of Flashpoint tie-ins, and I had to pick and choose which ones I was going to sample. But I was told by several trusted advisors that this one-shot was definitely one of the ones to get, so I snagged the last copy at the comic shop the last time I visited.

In the mainstream DC Universe, Grodd is a superintelligent gorilla whose frequent attempts to conquer his home kingdom of other superintelligent gorillas (as a stepping stone to world domination) are always thwarted by the Flash. But in a world where the Flash never existed, Grodd went unchecked. Gorilla City is now his, and soon, his reach had extended to the entire continent of Africa. So why is he so disappointed? This is a really great character study, picking into Grodd in a way that you don’t often see. The utter boredom on his face sells this issue time and again. Sean Ryan really gets across the idea that this is a character without much of an identity outside of his enemies (and even the brief appearance of Congorilla in this issue doesn’t assuage that at all). Ig Guara puts plenty of emotion into Grodd’s face, and although the range only goes from anger to ennui, it’s always very evident what the ape is feeling at any given moment.

I was surprised at how good this issue was. If all you’re interested in is following the strict blow-by-blow of what’s happening in the main storyline, this issue won’t matter much to you. But as a strong look into one of the Flash’s most entertaining villains, it really can’t be beat.

Rating: 8/10

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