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Chew #19

July 11, 2011

Title: Flambé Chapter Four

Writer: John Layman
Rob Guillory
Rob Guillory & Taylor Wells
John Layman
Rob Guillory
Image Comics

Applebee is desperate to get rid of Tony Chu, up to and including sending him on the most dangerous mission possible just to get him out of the way. And today, that mission is a special operation for NASA with his own sister, taking him in to learn the truth about Area 51.

Once again, John Layman has found a way to expand the universe of Chew, this time going into outer space and bringing in not just simple aliens (come on, this creative team is more imaginative than that), but other space-born oddities that you’ve got to see to believe. Interestingly, though, this world is starting to expand past all of the strange things in the world being specifically food-related. There are a few things turning up now that will certainly play into the storyline, but don’t necessarily have to do with anyone’s taste buds or digestive system. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. The story is cool as it is, but one of the things that I thought was cool about it was the way it all seemed to circle around that one central conceit. Going into more conventional realms of sci-fi like precognition takes away from that, but just a little.

Rob Guillory does his best work, as he always does. The creatures Tony finds in Area 51 are really bizarre, but clearly recognizable as what they’re supposed to be. I also like the rare fifth color on the cover – that splash of neon green really helps the image leap off the comic book rack and stand out amongst the sea of other titles on the shelf.

I liked this issue, and I’m looking forward to the conclusion of Flambé.

Rating: 8/10

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