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Young Justice (2011 Series) #4

June 23, 2011

Title: By Hook Or By Web

Writers: Art Baltazar & Franco
Mike Norton
Zac Atkinson
Carlos M. Mangual
Mike Norton & Alex Sinclair
Jim Chadwick & Michael McCalister       
DC Comics/Johnny DC

The Black Spider and Hook have captured three of our heroes, but Robin’s got something special up his sleeve. Once he, Kid Flash, and Aqualad bust out, we get what amounts to a slam-bang action issue, as our three heroes tussle with the two villains. The action works very well, with the writers giving each hero a bit of a spotlight, showing off their powers and what sets them apart from their teammates. The villains are somewhat generic, but in truth, they mostly amount to living MacGuffins anyway – important only in that they give the heroes someone to fight and a way to show off what they can do. This is, sadly, Mike Norton’s last issue on this series. It’s a real shame, too – he’s got a perfect style and sensibility for these heroes. He’s long proven himself one of the most dependable and underrated superhero artists in the industry, and while I’m sure he’ll be happy to move on to more high-profile projects, this series is going to miss him.

Rating: 7/10

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