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Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #720

June 30, 2011

Title: The Treasure of Marco Topo Part Two & Of Mice and Manners

Writers: Romano Scarpa, Ted Osborne
David Gerstein, Joe Torcivia
Romano Scarpa, Floyd Gottfredson
Ted Thwaites
Egmont, Digikore Studios
David Gerstein
Christopher Meyer         
Boom! Studios/kaboom!

The two-art Treasure of Marco Topo comes to a conclusion this issue (having started in Mickey Mouse #309. Mickey is leading a group of friends and foes, including Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Uncle Scrooge, Brigitta MacBridge, Peg-Leg Pete and Trudy Van Tubb off to Italy, hoping to find the treasure left behind by Mickey’s ancestor. Unbeknownst to Mickey, his most vicious foe, the Phantom Blot, is also hot on his trail.

Like I mentioned in the Mickey Mouse #309 review, this still feels like an odd sort of team for Mickey. Pete and Trudy are oddballs, but justified in that Marco Topo’s prophecy said that friends and foes alike would be joining in. Scrooge and Brigitta seem less logical, but at least serve a purpose in the story (if only for comedic purposes). All in all, though, Romana Scarpa delivered on a good little treasure hunt story, which is the kind of thing that Mickey and company really do well.

We also get a two-page back-up, “Of Mice and Manners” culled from Mickey’s old newspaper strip. It’s basically Mickey trying to teach Pluto etiquette and failing in a comedic fashion. Funny, but not amazing.

This was an okay little issue. Not the best of Mickey’s adventures, but a good one, and I’ll take that.

Rating: 7/10

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