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Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (2007 Series) #4

January 22, 2008

Quick Rating: Fair

Sheena prepares to make her stand

Writers: Steven E. DeSouza & Robert Rodi
Line Art: Matt Merhoff
Colors: Bob Pedroza & Wes Dzioba
Letters: Brian J. Crowley & Crank!
Editor: Mike O’Sullivan & Stephen Cristy
Cover Art: Joe Linsner (Cover A); Frazer Irving (Cover B); Tim Seeley (Covers C & D)
Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing

Laura Jeffries and the rest of Caldwell Industries continue their pursuit of Sheena and Bob Kellerman this issue. We get a little more backstory on Jeffries and the company, and Sheena prepares for a last stand.

While there isn’t really anything bad about this book, it doesn’t feel particularly original. Sheena and the environmentalist are good. The big, mean corporation is bad. Sheena asks nature for help. She communes with the Earth. Which the company is apparently out to destroy. Repeat. Yeah, this is an old character (she was co-created by Will Eisner, after all), but the way to give an old character new life is to make it somehow fresh and unique. This is essentially the same plot we’ve seen played out in a dozen movies, TV shows and comic books. It’s executed well, but it still feels like it’s going through the motions.

The artwork is considerably better. Merhoff, Pedroza and Dzioba do a very good job on Sheena herself and the myriad jungle scenes, plus a nice reveal inside the office building. Merhoff has a nice talent for emotion as well, shifting scenes from comedic to serious and vice versa based on the expressions on a character’s face. It’s a talent that not enough comic book artists have.

This is an okay book. It’s just not really a refreshing one.

Rating: 6/10

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