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Wonder Woman (1987 Series) #202

March 13, 2004

Quick Rating: Okay
Title: Leaks

Wonder Woman takes a breather this issue to make room for the origin of Dr. Veronica Cale

Writer: Greg Rucka
Pencils: Stephen Sadowski
Inks: Andrew Currie
Colors: Richard & Tanya Horie
Letters: Todd Klein
Editor: Ivan Cohen
Cover Art: J.G. Jones
Publisher: DC Comics

With this issue, Greg Rucka tries to bring in some of the espionage and crime drama techniques that has marked his best work over the years. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really fit too well with Wonder Woman, or even with Veronica Cale the ostensive villain whose “origin” makes up the most of this issue. Cale has stood against Wonder Woman since Rucka started writing this book, and giving her a past and motivation is overdue. The problem is the story he actually tells – he trots out the classic “evil genius tells her plan/origin story to her captive” routine, and he proceeds to tell us an origin that is fairly bland and unimpressive. Worse than that, when we find the motivation Cale has for despising Diana so much, it’s just plain shallow. There’s no depth to it at all, and one can only hope there are still a lot of parts of her past that he hasn’t trotted out yet that will flesh her out.

Stephen Sadowski, although coming off a pretty good run on JSA only does okay with this issue. He does a good Cale, to his credit, and makes certain scenes very brutal, although not gratuitously. His Wonder Woman, though, even only appearing in a few panels in this book, is unattractive and distracting. It looks almost as though he was trying to make her look more Greek (she is an Amazon, after all), but instead just wound up drawing a caricature of Nia Vardalos.

Rucka has done good work on this title for the most part – the last two issues were just wonderful, wrapping up a good storyline and setting a lot of pieces up for the next one. This is another setup issue, where he’s laying his cards out on the table for the next story to come down the pike. Unfortunately, the cards he lays out in this issue are uninteresting and have been played too many times before. There’s still a lot of work to be done to make this nemesis and this storyline click – hopefully Rucka is up to the task.

Rating: 5/10

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