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Mickey Mouse #309

June 24, 2011

Title: The Treasure of Marco Topo Part One

Writer: Romano Scarpa
Romano Scarpa
David Gerstein & Joe Torcivia
David Gerstein
Marco Rota & Jake Myler
Christopher Burns           
Boom! Studios/kaboom!

Mickey Mouse is summoned to a mysterious house to pick up an inheritance from a distant relative. What he finds inside, though, sends him on a treasure hunt along with his friends and foes alike.

I liked this story quite a bit. The opening scenes, with Mickey and Goofy going through what first appears to be a Haunted House, seem to be a little silly just for the sake of being silly, but once you get past that things kick into gear. Most of this issue is set-up with Mickey and friends (and foes) learning about a treasure left behind by one of Mickey’s ancestors. Romano Scarpa does have to stretch credulity a little to work in Uncle Scrooge and Brigitta MacBridge into this gathering of “Mickey’s Friends.” Minnie, Pluto, sure those are easy. Pete and the Phantom Blot? Two of Mickey’s most dastardly foes. That all works.

The adventure of Mickey’s ancestor, Marco Topo, takes up most of the second half of this issue. It’s not bad, but not quite as engaging as the contemporary stuff – I find that often happens when Disney comics switch to stories featuring identical ancestors of our heroes. The connection is gone and I start to lose interest.

Overall, I really liked this part one of the story, and I look forward to part two.

Rating: 7/10

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