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Exiles (2001 Series) #57

December 31, 2004

Quick Rating: A Qualified Good
Title: Bump in the Night Conclusion

A secret held by an Exile could spell the end for Zarathos!

Writer: Tony Bedard
Pencils: Jim Calafiore
Inks: Mark McKenna
Colors: JC
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Editor: Mike Marts
Cover Art: Jim Calafiore
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The “Bump in the Night” storyline comes to its conclusion, and it’s one I have to admit I have my qualms about. On the plus side, Tony Bedard has finally brought this story around to the point where the Exiles themselves are critical to the plot and not just playing placeholder roles that could be assumed by virtually any superhero team in existence. The problem I have is with what seems to be something of a deus ex machina revelation about one of the characters that brings us to the climax and sets up the next storyline. On the other hand, I haven’t been reading this title since day one, so it’s possible that what struck me as a god in the machine is actually a plot point that’s been introduced before, and we just got a reminder of it this issue, and it’s that uncertainty that keeps me from judging more harshly.

The Exiles, as we recall, are on a world where Kulan Gath succeeded in transforming Manhattan into a medieval dictatorship, only to be overthrown by Zarathos, the demon that once formed Ghost Rider. The Exiles, along with Spider-Man and Magik, planned an assault on the demon last issue, only to be betrayed at the last minute. This issue is heavy on the action and the fantasy elements, and it wraps up with a very original interpretation of the Tallus’s stated mission and a big change for one of the characters that promises to have a major impact in the next storyline.

Jim Calafiore’s art, as always, is solid. He gets to do a lot of big, hairy monsters this issue, and he’s got a good feel for ‘em. I also must say, I really like his interpretation of Beak, who seems to slowly be coming into his own. One of the big complaints I’ve read about this run is that Bedard added the character to this title and then did nothing with him – I think it’s more a case of him using him very slowly. I hope he gets a chance in the spotlight soon.

Eventually I hope to fill in my early run of Exiles through trade paperbacks, but until then, I won’t know if the angle brought up in this issue is new or not. It’s not bad. I just wish I’d had the knowledge to see it coming.

Rating: 7/10

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