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City of Heroes (2005 Series) #13

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May 4, 2006

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Awakenings Part One

Heroes from another land pitch in as the Circle of Thorns rises again.

Writer: David Wohl
Pencils: James Raiz
Inks: Blond
Colors: Blond
Letters: Troy Peteri
Cover Art: Rodolfo Migliari
Publisher: Image Comics/Top Cow

Manticore is back with the Freedom Phalanx, and perhaps a bit too eager to prove himself as he leads his teammates into battle with a group of characters from overseas that turn out to not quite be what he thought. Meanwhile, the Circle of Thorns is up to no good.

This issue takes an interesting turn. Usually, the fun of this series is seeing the characters and environments you’re used to from playing the video game in action. This time out, the focus is squarely on a group of characters that have not (to my knowledge) appeared in the game, at least not yet. The new superhumans from Korea have a history with our heroes, and their leader in particular has a very intriguing backstory. It’s different from what we usually get, but it is nice to see a bit more of the world the game is in. Sure, City of Heroes is all about Paragon City, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other facets of this universe worth exploring.

The artwork is a little sub-par this week. James Raiz pencils are fine, but the inking by Blond is a little sketchy and muddy at times, with excessive detail lines and flat facial expressions. Migliari’s cover, as usual, is quite nice.

I do so enjoy this series – I’ve got to wonder, though, if it’s because I love the game so much or if that’s just a nice bonus.

Rating: 7/10

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