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Secret Warriors Vol. 1: Nick Fury-Agent of Nothing

June 23, 2011

Title: Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing

Writers: Jonathan Hickman, Brian Michael Bendis
Stefano Caselli
Daniele Rudoni
Dave Lanphear
Jim Cheung, Justin Ponsor
Tom Brevoort       
Marvel Comics

I didn’t pick up this series when it launched, because it was spinning out of the whole Dark Reign storyline Marvel had in the works at the time, and that held no interest for me. Since then, though, Jonathan Hickman took over my favorite Marvel title, Fantastic Four, and his magnificent work there convinced me that this book may be worth a second look. Turns out, it really is.

Following the Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn has taken over the security forces of the United States, shutting down SHIELD and replacing it with his own organization, HAMMER. Nick Fury is on the run, recruiting former SHIELD agents and new super-powered operatives that have thus far remained off the map to be his new force. And as he continues on his quest, he makes a discovery about SHIELD that throws the entire Marvel Universe into question.

The story here is excellent, one of the greatest showcases Nick Fury has seen in many years. Hickman brings in old favorite characters and new heroes and villains alike, with the skirmish against Hydra feeling like an integral part of the Marvel Universe, far more so than it ever was before. What’s more, he actually uses the landscape of the post-Invasion Marvel Universe to great effect, constructing a story that simply wouldn’t work the same way at any other time period in Marvel’s history.

Stefano Caselli and Daniele Rudoni are a fine art team, with a style that fits in a superhero universe, while still tinged with dark threads of the world of SHIELD that is this series’ foundation. The book truly looks as good as it reads.

It’s an excellent volume, and I look forward to continuing the series in paperback form.

Rating: 9/10

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