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PVP (2003 Series) #15

March 19, 2005

Quick Rating: Very Good

Francis embarks on a quest to make the greatest fan film of all time!

Writer: Scott Kurtz
Art: Scott Kurtz
Full Frontal Nerdity Back-Up: Aaron Williams
Cover Art: Scott Kurtz
Publisher: Image Comics

This issue of PVP marks the last issue in the current format of the book – Kurtz has announced that starting with next issue the comic will feature new long-form stories in addition to the reprints of the web comics, plus the comic will switch from “landscape” binding (staples at the top) to traditional side binding. And I’m happy about both of those changes. But to wrap up the current format, Kurtz couldn’t have picked two better PVP stories.

The first story in the issue is a takeoff on the real Batman: Dead End fan film that made the rounds of the Internet last summer and took the world of comicdom by storm. When Francis sees the film, which features Batman fighting an Alien, he comes up with a brainstorm: make the ultimate fan film. Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek and Indiana Jones are thrown together as he suits his friends up in costume and sets out to violate any number of copyrights in the quest of total geekdom.

I loved this storyline when it showed up on PVP Online and I love it even more in its collected edition. Francis is living every comic geek’s dream – to make a crossover movie with characters and ideas from a dozen different sources, and it’s as much fun to watch him try to make the film as it ever would have been to watch the movie itself.

The second storyline is a bit smaller, a bit more personal, and a lot sweeter. Francis rejects the idea of taking Marcy to the school dance, but is torn with jealousy when she decides to go with his arch-rival Teezo instead. What follows is your standard teenage angst romantic comedy, with Jade trying to get Marcy ready for the dance, Francis plotting ways to win her back, and Skull walking around in drag. Because it’s funny, that’s why.

This is probably the strongest issue of the regular comic yet, with two of the best stories – one that’s unparalleled in pure geekdom and one that’s surprisingly emotional and touching. Put ‘em together and you’ve got a really strong comic to do out on before the new PVP debuts next month.

Rating: 8/10

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