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Ghost Rider (2006 Series) #9

March 13, 2007

Quick Rating: Good
Title: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois Part 2 (Casualties of War)
Rating: T+

Lucifer’s newest host: Jack O’Lantern!

Writer: Daniel Way
Breakdowns: Javier Saltares
Finishes: Mark Texeira
Colors: Dan Brown
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Editor: Michael O’Connor
Cover Art: Arthur Suydam
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Part two of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois” works very hard to maintain its reputation of being the most misleadingly-labeled “Casualties of War” crossover to date, as the only thing this book has to do with any Civil War plot thread is that Lucifer’s newest host corpse was a minor baddie offed during the miniseries. The good news is, the character is about a thousand times more interesting than ever before because of it.

For those of you who haven’t been following along, Lucifer’s soul has been split into 666 pieces, and Ghost Rider is tracking them down one at a time. Last issue it was revealed that one of those pieces has inhabited the corpse of the recently-deceased supervillain Jack O’Lantern, and (utilizing Lucifer’s classic sense of irony) he decides to take aim at the little town of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois. Teenagers are being slaughtered, and Ghost Rider arrives this issue to take him down.

There’s a lot of good action in this issue, and while the idea of the “small town with dark secrets” still feels sort of overdone, it’s not pushed too hard this issue, making it easier to enjoy the story on its own merits. The last sequence in particular is quite effective, showing Lucifer’s attempt to get reinforcements.

Helping that last sequence is some really strong art by Saltares and Texeira. These guys are probably more identified with the art side of Ghost Rider than any other artists, and with good reason. Their artwork is quite different now from what they did in the 90s though – it has a softer, more painted look (aided by Dan Brown’s colors) that pulls the series further from the superhero realm and closer to horror, which is a good thing.

I’ve been back-and-forth on this series, but this issue is pretty satisfying.

Rating: 7/10

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