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Annihilation: Conquest-Starlord #1

July 23, 2007

Quick Rating: Very Good
Rating: T+

Starlord is sent to fight the Phalanx – but he isn’t alone.

Writer: Keith Giffen
Pencils: Timothy Green II
Inks: Victor Olazaba
Colors: Nathan Fairbairn
Letters: Rus Wooton
Editor: Bill Rosemann
Cover Art: Nic Klein
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Held in Kree custody, the man once called Starlord is offered a second chance to save the universe. The Phalanx – the living technological virus that is conquering the Kree Emire – is constructing a series of viral bombs to help expedite their conquest of the galaxy. Starlord is being outfitted with a crew for one express purpose – get down-and-dirty, without any electronics for the Phalanx to infiltrate – and take out the bomb system before it goes online.

One of the best things about Annihilation has been the way the writers have been allowed to revitalize defunct or stagnant cosmic characters. Although Starlord may be the star, this book is giving Giffen the chance to jumpstart an entire team of defunct cosmic (and semi-cosmic) characters. By the time we get to the last page, the team of C- and D-listers assembled… well, it’s almost like looking at the Great Lakes Initiative, except this book isn’t quite as tongue-in-cheek. There’s still a degree of humor to it, a few chances for the creators to wink at the camera and say, “Can you believe these are the bozos who are going to save the universe?”, but somehow, it works. Giffen is amazing that way.

The art team, including Green, Olazaba and Fairbairn, is pretty new to me, but for the most part they do a good job. The look of the issue reminds me of some of the European sci-fi comics I’ve seen — it doesn’t exactly have the look of a superhero title, but it does do a good job of telling the story in a science fiction context, and that’s more important to this book.

So with this, the final Conquest lead-in, underway, I think it’s safe to say this next cosmic event is off to a pretty good start.

Rating: 8/10

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