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Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #1

June 18, 2011

Title: Youth in Revolt Part One

Writer: Sean McKeever
Mike Norton
Veronica Gandini
Clayton Cowles
Giuseppe Camuncoli & Paul Mounts
Lauren Sankovitch          
Marvel Comics

The Gravity creative team of Sean McKeever and Mike Norton reunite for this Fear Itself spin-off. With the Raft split open and Hammers falling to Earth, the Avengers are being stretched to the limits. So Steve Rogers recruits Prodigy of the Slingers to lead a team of former Initiative members to help keep the peace.

There’s a good line-up in this book – Red Nine and Stunt-Master aren’t all that well known, but having Gravity and Firestar back in action is always good, and mixing up Thor Girl, Ultragirl, Komodo and Cloud 9 with Hardball creates some definite tension. Although Prodigy is our viewpoint character for most of the issue, it’s Thor Girl who really gets the best stuff, falling headfirst into one of the worst situations a hero – especially a young hero – could possibly get into during the thick of all this.

The story’s solid, but Mike Norton’s artwork is just great. I really love seeing him on these characters, particularly returning to Gravity. As he’s proven on multiple projects over the years, he has a knack for these young characters that few other artists can match.

I liked this book. It’s a nice side-angle to the whole Fear Itself storyline that shows off some characters we haven’t seen in a while, and a few others who recently lost their spotlight. I want to see more of them, and this is a good start.

Rating: 8/10

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